Ordering System Help

If you are having trouble with our ordering system please let us know and we'd be happy to help!

Phone: 619-287-5346
Email: orders@prolabprints.com

Common Questions and Tips for Ordering

On a small screen (phone, tablet, laptop) you can Spread (2 fingers together, spread them apart) to zoom in and Pinch to zoom out. To move the image around just press and move your finger around. On a regular computer with a mouse the scroll wheel will zoom in/out and then you can click and drag to move the image around. If this does not work on your device please let us know!

When we load an image into the crop box we fill the box with the image so that it does not have any borders. Usually this is what is wanted, though you may lose a little off the top and bottom (or right and left) if your image is not proportional to the size selected. If you need to zoom further out you can click the Shrink to Fit checkbox and the image will zoom all the way out. Due to some quirks with the way Shrink to Fit works if you add an item to the cart with Shrink to Fit checked we will not let you edit it again from the cart.

If you see the credit card form but you cannot enter in any of the info you probably have something on your device that is blocking our integration with Stripe. Please check and see if you have any browser extensions or add blockers that may block our integration. If the Other - Card on File payment option is available you can use that and we will contact you for payment once we receive the order. If you are still having problems please let us know!

For performance reasons we do not always show the actual image as the thumbnail in the cart. You can still click the icon and it will pop open a preview of your image (image files only). Please note the thumbnail and the popup preview are your full original file and do not show any cropping you may have done.

Once you add your images into the cart with the Batch Order button, click on the Pencil/Edit icon on the top row in the cart and you will be taken to the editor where you can zoom in and out and crop as needed. Use the Right Arrow key on your keyboard to load the next image. You can press the Left Arrow key to go to the previous image. When you are done click the Update Cart button.

Info for Resellers

If you are a reseller please make sure we have a current resale certificate on file and then make sure you have entered your Account Number at checkout. This is required, if you do not do this you will be charged tax for any orders shipped to states we collect tax in.

When everything is setup properly, on the payment page you will see that the tax is zero and it should say Exempt.

If you are not sure what your Account Number is please contact us and we will be happy to help you. If you changed computers or browsers recently you may have had your number entered on prior orders, check your email for old orders and see if your account number is in there. You also would have received a welcome email that included your account number when you first sent us an order.

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